Thermoelectric Module Static Generator DC Power

Thermoelectric generator  is high reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane.

TMSG-DC-250 generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity.

  • Reliable Proven Power source from Last 50years.
  • Generates (24 X 7 X 365) Electricity output
  • SKID Based Portable system
  • No battery and steel structure
  • No Moving Parts
  • Once in a year Maintenance
  • +25years Life expectancy
  • Integrated power system upto (+10KW)
  • Cleanest Combustion on earth

TMSG-DC-250 (Thermoelectric Module Static Generator DC power 250 W) is our first ready prototype. MANIT, Bhopal, and MSME TC Mumbai successfully tested, piloted, and certified it. A successful trial was done at the Siachen base camp at 15000 ft altitude at -40˚C in Jan/Feb 2020 and the Biogas Plant to convert heat into electricity

Gasifier based TMSG-DC
Siachen -40°C at 18000 ft Altitude
Bukhari based TMSG-DC