Telecommunication Towers

Telecom Sector

Limited space at Remote Telecommunication Towers Unmanned platform Logistic and fuel pipeline Battery backup more than 1000 Ah Diesel prices hike Power Problems At a typical cell tower, the power demand is determined by the number of base transceiver stations (BTS5) housed. The power demand ranges from 1 kW to 8.5 kW where more than 80% of these configurations have a demand less than 3.5 kW. To ensure power availability of more than 99.95%, tower owners backup the electrical grid with a combination of batteries and diesel generator. At most sites, the tower owners install diesel generators of 10kVA to 15kVA capacity and supplement it with battery banks of 300Ahr to 900Ahr capacities. The diesel generator and battery configurations are decided based on the power outage pattern, equipment at site, geographical location and optimal CAPEX and OPEX economics.

Remote Telecommunication Towers

No portable system with Plug & Play
Remote location power limitation, off grid limitation
Heavy and huge battery costing
Power for operational requirement cum survivability
48V DC Power Requirement from -40 to +60 degree C of Locations
Wirelessly not accessible to power generators in Remote Telecommunication Towers.