Our Application

Thermoelectric Module Static Generator TMSG-DC-200

Thermoelectric generator TMSG-DC-200 is high reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane.

TMSG-DC-200 generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity.

  • Reliable Proven Power source from Last 50years.
  • Generates (24 X 7 X 365) Electricity output
  • SKID Based Portable system
  • No battery and steel structure
  • No Moving Parts
  • Once in a year Maintenance
  • +25years Life expectancy
  • Integrated power system upto (+10KW)
  • Cleanest Combustion on earth


Industrial grade DC/DC converters are used which has a compact footprint and oversized to reduce heat generation and extended life of components.
  • By conditioning charging life of battery bank can be increased up to 15 years.
  • Negligible maintenance as there is no moving parts.
  • Long life span for solar modules.( 25 Years)
  • Can be installed at point of use to avoid transmission losses
  • Hybrid Solar Charge Controller consists of US Military grade DC/DC Converter and MPPT Tri star having efficiency more than 98% working on conditioning Charging (float and boost charging).

  • Compact Foot print and Modular Design

  • Hybrid with input TMSG-DC, Windmill, Solar and Integrate with highest SUNPOWER (21%) efficient PV Modules, reduces cables, battery bank and commercial total cost.


Fuel Cell Static Generator

  • Generates 24 X 7 X 365 days
  • Power without any man attendance
  • No moving part zero maintenance
  • Skid based portable system
  • Increased monitoring, control and safety
  • Life +10 years with Low emissions
  • Electrochemical device with Combined Heat and Power output
  • Works in -10 deg to +40 deg celsius

Solar Chulha PCM Based

We are working on PCM (Phase Change Material) which works on Latent heat storage (LHS) used for cooking purpose with the help of CSP (Concentrated Solar Power

  • For cooking, we are directly converting and controlling the heat energy of Sun Rays.
  • Using bio degradable substances as PCM having life more than 10 years
  • It is more efficient than PV module based Solar Induction Cooking
  • Having backup hours in weeks with the help of Insulation vessel
  • Non Toxic, Non Flammable & eco-friendly
  • It works as Solar Thermal battery in cold days
  • Commercial costing is less than 7k
  • Working with Olin college of Engineering, US