Modular Integrated Hybrid Power System Control Unit

MIHPS is a combined, rugged, Modular, portable, plug & Play single integrated remote power management solution having high life consist of:
  1. Flexible highest efficient PV modules integrated with
  2. Highly reliable TMSG-DC (Thermoelectric Module Static Generator DC Power) unit and
  3. Vertical Wind Mills
  4. FCSG-DC (Fuel Cell Static Generator DC Power)
  5. Pro Lion electrolyte based updated Lithium ion batteryHaving intelligent autonomous, self-diagnose, remotely controlled battery management system to maintain the reliable power output 24*7*365 from -40 deg. to +60 deg. of locations.

Remotely Operated Automatic Machine System



MIHPS-CU Power consumption is less than 5W

MIHPS-CU has multi-function with at least 15inputs and 2 output

MIHPS-CU battery charging is through Solar which saves fuel

MIHPS-CU meant to be working from -40deg to +60deg C location

MIHPS-CU can work with backup of required Ah if No Input source is available

MIHPS-CU made to serve the load for a longer duration and efficiently

MIHPS-CU has no moving part including the sources

MIHPS-CU is compatible with any type of DC Sources

MIHPS-CU is a hybrid model which can remotely operate and monitor

MIHPS-CU Works wirelessly with all DC Sources

MIHPS-CU takes all inputs sensors to control the DC Generators remotely s

MIHPS-CU has been tested at MSME Testing Centre in Mumbai

MIHPS-CU is portable, movable and has less than 10kg weight

MIHPS-CU is made for multitasking at higher ampere/wattages

MIHPS-CU has 3 batteries except for CU Battery with the required Ah backup and the load can be served continuously without any disturbance.

MIHPS-CU serves the direct DC Load system of 24V or 48V.