Health Care

Healthcare Industry

  • To get real-time physiological data of Astronauts during Spacewalk and training
  • Real time data while working in dangerous environments such as mines, industrial sites, oil and gas industry, factories,
  • Need of Contactless routine monitoring for improved healthy
  • In this COVID-19 Pandemic, the real scenario of health management of world has collapsed to its worst which showed that we lack with the basic health
  • Driver drowsiness is one of the major causes of serious traffic
  • People working in Oil and Gas industry are exposed to various risk Hence continuous monitoring of their working conditions and well-being is essential.
  • The current method of measuring physiological data is via the “BP/ECG Kit” installed at sites itself, which includes capabilities to measure ECG, HR, and bloocd pressure. The kit is bulky, heavy and uses a lot of energy and space.

Safety and Injury Hazard

Possible Causes


  • Travelling to offshore platform by helicopters
  • Often the roads leading to well sites lack firm shoulders
  • Fatigue due to long driving distance and long working shifts

Contact Injuries

  • Workers being struck by entangled or crushed by tools, machinery or other objects

Fire and Explosions

  • Presence of highly combustible hydrocarbons
  • Presence of oxygen/ignition source

Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Frequent need to work at elevations
  • Uneven Surface
  • Improper use or non-availability of fall protection system

Confined Spaces

  • Limited opening for entry and exit
  • Unfavorable natural ventilation
  • Not designed for continuous employee occupancy
  • Examples of confined places in oil and Gas industry are storage tanks, silos. etc.

Offshore Platforms

  • Effect of harmful gasses
  • Overwork, fatigue/stress, less oxygen in marine environment