Defence Sector -40 Deg C to +60 Deg C

•The large volume and weight of the power supply system affects the operation and maintenance of the main platform.
•The power supply system being used in indigenous msl systems, Battery Charging System & Basecamps, Tanks, is 24/48/72 V DC at different KW. The power supply arrangements presently being incorporated in the systems are bulky, occupy large volumes and have large weight. As a result, the mobility and capacity to negotiate gradients gets severely impacted.
•Modular Generators For High Altitude
•Soldiers deployed in high altitude areas are required to be provided with continuous electricity in remote posts for prolonged periods of time due to these posts getting cut off and absence of regular electric grid. The problem is being faced by all the troops who are deployed in high altitude areas.
•Presently, the troops in high altitude areas are being issued with a variety of generators and fuel for these are either being carried manually or in certain limited places fuel pipelines have been constructed, but even those are susceptible to disruptions due to inclement weather and/ or terrain configuration.
•The problem needs to be solved because it affects the operational efficiency of the troops as also to reduce the immense logistic challenges.

Indian Air Force

  • Aircraft Engine Waste Heat Harvesting.
  • Heavy weight in traditional way of liquid cooling in aircraft
  • Communication RF front end cooling problems
  • Fuel Consumption reduction possibilities.
  • Space and Weight Limitations : Highly weight sensitive with limited space
  • ΔT Environment Limitation: Sustainable operating environment must be provided to match candidate device performance profile, e.g., operating temperature range vs. achievable energy conversion efficiency.
  • Suggested improvements: Choose high payoff applications capable of circumventing above limitations to a maximum degree

Indian Army

No portable system with Plug & Play

Remote location power limitation, off grid limitation Heavy and huge battery costing

Power for operational requirement cum survivability

12/24/48V DC Power Requirement from -40 to +60 degree C of Locations

Wirelessly not accessible to power generators for Remote Monitoring and Controlling.

Battery Charging System, BMS, Hybrid Battery Storage System

Indian Navy/Naval Force

Surface area for the waste heat recovery system required on the ME exhaust outlet line

Surface for the waste heat recovery system designed on the ME JCW heat exchanger.

Reduction in fuel consumption and energy efficiency is required in all shapes through a clean tech Solution