Agricultural-Waste To Energy

Rural and remote Electrification • Electricity to operate machinery and equipment, to heat or cool buildings, and for lighting on the farm, and indirectly in the fertilizers and chemicals produced off the farm
Agricultural Solid waste management
Agricultural waste is collective term which is use for all the non economical substance produce by agricultural operations such as roots , crop residue ,live stock waste etc.
• It is waste produced as a result of various agricultural operations.(Straw, Bagasse, Roots, Peels etc.)
•It includes manure and other wastes from farms, poultry houses and slaughter houses, etc.
Rural Beautification
• Cleanliness • Hygienic livelihood • Employment Generation

Technical & commercial Conventional Problem

No portable system with Plug & Play

Remote location power limitation, off grid limitation Heavy and huge battery costing

Power for operational requirement cum survivability

Heavy Capital and operational costing, Heavy man pack

It is necessary to protect the coastal and marine natural resources which are the livelihoods of the fishermen and coastal communities

Coastal community habitats close to seashores, estuaries, and backwaters are most vulnerable to coastal hazards

The fishermen habitats are close to water bodies, estuaries, backwaters, coastal areas and Islands which are mostly away from the normal bounds of civic amenities.

Lessons drawn from two case studies of Tamil Nadu show that the coastal fishing villages still lack facilities that are essential for their fishing profession such as petrol and diesel bunk, ice-plants, cold storage building, marketing and action hall, multipurpose cyclone shelter, communication and networking units, net drying area and net mending area