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To become the world’s best efficient, industrial automation power management solution cleantech company wherever you need.


To provide the best efficient custom solution for thermal energy system globally

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Step into the realm of our internationally acclaimed tech startup, recognized by the Govt. of India and DPIIT, leading transformative energy solutions. Supported by prestigious institutes and a diverse team of technocrats, we innovate to tackle global challenges. Our track record, IPR, and adaptability pave the way for success. Embrace risk for equity and substantial growth. Join us to access unparalleled opportunities and personal development in the award-winning tech landscape.”

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Oil And Gas

The Oil & Natural Gas industry is the largest methane emitter in Canada (~42% of total methane emissions) 34-50%*

Telecom Sector

Limited space at Remote Telecommunication Towers Unmanned platform


Compact and ruggedized power supply from - 40° C to +60° C


Rural and remote Electrification. Electricity to operate machinery and equipment.


A spacecraft generally gets its energy from at least one of three power sources: the Sun, batteries or unstable atoms.

Health Care

To get real-time physiological data of human body in harsh environment remotely.

Steel Industry

Waste heat recovery system and methane pyrolysis .

Thermal Power

Traditional thermal power plants: also called combustion power plants, they operate with energy produced by a steam.


The Jharia coalfield in Jharkhand is an exclusive storehouse of prime coke coal in India.

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